So, you all know that Yo Yo Honey Singh has been off the radar for quite some time now. The desi rapper was sorely missed on the reality show, India’s Raw Star, as Himesh Reshammiya failed to fill in his shoes. The reason stated for Yo Yo abruptly quitting the show was his ill-health. Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Singh also confirmed reports about Yo Yo not keeping well. But certain sources suggest that it isn’t just health issues that are keeping Honey Singh away from limelight!

We have come to know that he is crumbling under insane pressure currently; pressure to deliver another hit album! The rapper has never failed to hit the bull’s eye with his music and his fan base has only grown exponentially during the course of Yo Yo’s career due to his novel rapping style. But now the rapping sensation is going through a period of self-doubt!

An insider reveals that the pressure of living up to expectations and delivering hits all the time have taken a toll on he’s self-confidence! Nowadays, the rapper hardly likes any music that he creates. Yo Yo even promised to win a Grammy for India which clearly eased the pressure on the artist! Back in November, his wife Shalini even told the media, “Right now, he (Honey Singh) is physically and emotionally so weak that he often breaks down”!

All we want to tell Yo Yo is that this is just a rough phase in life which will pass and good days are on their way already. We just hope that the new year brings a new Yo Yo to his fans!

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