Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor is the famous actor of Hindi films. His Hindi films have been successful.And they are included in the category of popular actors of India. He is also included in the list of those who have received the most fees, he has also got many awards, including 5 Filmfare Awards, he has played very well in many films till now, he is very popular among the girls. In addition to professional life, due to personal life, the newspapers remain in the headlines.

Ranbir Kapoor was born in Mumbai, his father Rishi Kapoor and mother Neetu Kapoor are also famous actors of Hindi films, Ranbir has a sister named Riddhima, in some of her films, she is associated with almost all the films.

Ranbir has completed his studies with Bombay Scottish School, Mahim but he has never been inclined towards teaching. After studying with HR College of Commerce and Economics, he went to New York's School of Visual Arts to learn the tricks of filming.

Ranbir's film career started with the film 'Saawariya' and when all of them declared him the superstar of the coming times, the film did not show any special talent, but the release of the movie 'Bachna A Haseeno' was hit and Then in a number of films, Ranbir won the hearts of the critics and the public with good intentions.

Some interesting facts related to Ranbir Kapoor:
1. Ranbir Kapoor, who was born on September 1, 1982, was named after his grandfather, whose full name was Ranbir Raj Kapoor.
2. Ranbir Kapoor watches his father Rishi Kapoor's films with a great deal of interest, while at the same time he feels hesitant to see Mammootty Neetu Kapoor in the film.
3. Like other people of Kapoor family, Ranbir Kapoor is also very fond of eating. Their special favorite mines include both non-veg and veg dishes.
4. In Kapoor family, everyone has Nick's name, except Ranbir. but according to his mother Neetu, there is no shortage of Ranbir and he is a perfect man, for this reason he calls him Raymond.
5. According to a magazine, Ranbir Kapoor has an inch long injury marks on his cheek.
6. Ranbir Kapoor once mistakenly took an after shave lotion, which was immediately removed from the stomach.
7. Ranbir Kapoor has a disease called Neighborhood Deviat septum due to which he speaks and eats quickly.
8. Ranbir Kapoor's career starts with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Saawariya'. The specialty of this film was that Ranbir appeared in the film playing with the towels as if his father Rishi Kapoor had appeared in his debut film Bobby.