Raj Kapoor

You love having fun by watching movies. A movie can keep you out of negative thoughts from time to time, and this is important in your life. Spending quality time with your family is possible when you watch one of the films made by Raj Kapoor. We will talk about outstanding actor here.

Amazing Hindi Actor

Raj Kapoor was an outstanding Hindi director, producer, and actor. He is also considered the Indian showman par excellence. Raj Kapoor was a member of the famous Kapoor family, which has produced a lot of superstars for the world of Bollywood. He was also one of the most influential and greatest actors in the history of Bollywood winning a lot of accolades including eleven Filmfare Awards. The government of India also honored him, and his films attracted a huge audience from all over the world mostly from Europe and Asia. 

Early Life and Career

Raj Kapoor was born in British India to Ramsami Kapoor and Prithviraj Kapoor, and he also had six brothers. His family moved to India so they can live and study there. He had also a maternal cousin who is a Bollywood actress. Two of this brothers were also actors. Raj Kapoor appeared on a film for the first time in 1935, and the name of this film was Inquilab. He also appeared on Neel Kamal in 1947, and this was his big break. Raj Kapoor became the youngest film director when he established his own studio in 1948.

Awards and His Family

Raj Kapoor received a lot of awards throughout his career including three National Film Awards. This man was also concerned about the things he had to do for the society where he lived. Social messages were important parts of his life after every movie that followed the famous Awaara. Raj Kapoor kept working hard till he produced one of his top works in 1962. Jagte Raho was one of the best films that Raj Kapoor has made, but the audience ended up rejecting the film`s theme. He also formed one of the top romantic pairs in the history of Bollywood with Nargis. 

Raj Kapoor was a man who was passionate about film and social issues. He was working hard to make others notice issues in society, and he did a great job indeed. Raj Kapoor was an outstanding man who was committed to giving the best of himself to others, and this is one of the reasons why he was so successful.