Bonnie Wright

Movies are an important part of life, as it is a very important source of entertainment for all of us. Everybody loves to watch movies and Hollywood is exactly the perfect place where an individual can find movies on almost every topic that he likes. Fantasies, drama,action ,love and many more are very precisely depicted by the movies in Hollywood . Hollywood has given the world so many good movies like the avatar, life of Pi , revenant and many more. Also it has given us many great actors like Leonardo DiCaprio , Liam neese and many more, one of them is our very sweet Ginny Weasley. She was a character in a Harry Potter movie series played by Bonnie wright. Bonnie francesscawright is an actor, model and a film director.

Childhood and Early life

Bonniewright was born on 17 February 1991 to Sheliateague and Gary wright. She did her secondary school education from King Alfred school. She is widely known for her role of Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter series . During the filming of first and second parts of the film she attended London’s university of arts to study as a film and television production manager and in 2012 she got the bachelor of arts degree.


She is widely appreciated for her role of GinnyWeasley as it was advised by her brother that it reminded him of her. She got positive reviews from al from everyone regarding her role and also she also acted in the subsequent parts of the tale. She also guest starred in the movie “the replacement”. In 2013 she also co-stared in the movie “before I sleep”. As a side hobby she also started modelling and had per profile in various modelling agencies . Also she made her screenwriting debut with the film “together we come , together we go”. She is the owner of her own production company bon bonLumiere.


She has made tremendous achievements in fields of modelling , acting and screenwriting . Her most appreciated work is her role of Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter . She won the Rodial beautiful awards for the most edgy look for her movie Harry Potter. And in 2012 she was nominated for the best female newcomer at the empire awards. In 2011 she also appeared at the fashion spread of the financial times.


She is an multi-talented personality and has achieved in every field she has tried herself in. She has directed various films her most famous direction being her first “together we come, together we go”. Also she has earned wide appreciations for her role in Harry Potter series also she has appeared In the financial times which is a marvelous achievement. It’s a pleasure to see such a talented women contributing immensely to the world cinema.