Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns whose real name is Leati Joseph or "Joe" Anoaʻi is a former Canadian professional football player, an American professional wrestler, and a Anoaʻi family member. He was one of the famous wrestlers who used to make fans happy by entertaining them at the WWE before joining RAW brand.

Roman Reigns has been an entertainer that has made him get many fans across the world from the time he was a football player before joining wrestling. After playing collegial football for the Georgia Tech, Roman Reigns started his career in professional football with a brief off-season stints with Jacksonville Jaguars and the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL in the year 2007.

He played full season for the CFL (Canadian Football League's) before retiring in the year 2008.
When he started his new career as a professional wrestler, he was signed by popular WWE back in the year 2010. As Roman Reigns, the superstar made his debut in the year 2012 (November) alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose going by the name The Shield. Roman Reigns is a 3-time Champion at WWE World Heavyweight, a 1-time Tag Team Champion(WWE) and a 1-time the United States Champion. He is still a favorite for many people across the whole world who love the sport of wrestling.

During the Royal Rumble of the year 2015, he became a winner prior to being named the 2014 Year Superstar of the people. During the time, he did tie the WWE record for being the most eliminations especially in a Survivor Series matches with five in the year 2013 event at the same time setting a new record for the most eliminations in the Royal Rumble matches with 14 in the year 2014 event.

While many people knew him as an underdog when his time as a wrestler, he was among the top rated in terms of wrestling prowess, he overwhelmingly had a positive crowd reactions especially after stepping into the ring.

In other times, all members of the Roman Reigns was excellent especially when they were wrestling especially when entering the ring. Most people especially the fans know their signature styles when they were at the ring. The media had it that there was a time when Roman Reigns refused to renew his contracts with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) by citing low wages despite being among the top paid people in the entertainment industry.
For sure, Roman Reigns will continue to be in the minds of many wrestling fans especially from their unique styles and skills on the ring.