Deepika Padukone has been a very popular actress in Bollywood and whole of Indian Cinema industry since her debut in 'Om Shanti Om'. She has played many remarkable roles in her movies that have made her a very unique and versatile actress. And now with her debut in Hollywood flick 'XXX - Return of Xander Cage', she is now as popular in Hollywood as she was in Bollywood till date. Her performance with Vin Diesel has left her fans in India and abroad flabbergasted with amazing stunts and fight sequences.

Her achievements include several awards and she won the best debutant award for 'Om Shanti Om'. Before her kick start in Bollywood film industry, she acted in a couple of south Indian movies. Her father Prakash Padukone is a popular badminton player and Deepika Padukone is often associated with the game. She originally is from Bengaluru city and her parents still live there with her younger sister Anisha Padukone. Her awards also include the prestigious CNN-IBN Indian of the year in 2013 which is usually awarded to very notable people with a powerful performance in their industry.

When it comes to rumors and affairs, Deepika Padukone is no except as her long-term stint with actor Ranbir Kapoor kept her in limelight. Her next boyfriend was Liquor Baron's son Siddharth Mallya with whom she was often spotted and especially during IPL cricket matches. She was support of the home team 'Royal Challengers Bangalore' under the focus of team owner Mr. Mallya. After her two unsuccessful relationships, she managed to stick with actor Ranveer Singh but as per the latest rumor, she does not seem to be going so much with him these days. There were also rumors about her relationship with Vin Diesel but both Vin and Deepika confirmed it is just a media exaggeration and nothing more.

Deepika Padukone is always called as reigning queen of the Bollywood and looking at her performance in her first Hollywood movie, it does not seem it will take more time before she rules both these industries. The ever smiling actress is never shy in facing the camera or the media and usually makes comments boldly but from her heart. In spite of broken relationships, she maintains a good friendship with her earlier boyfriends. Most believe after Madhur Dixit, Deepika is the one who suits for all types of roles and makes a good pair with all existing actors. Many of her movie dialogues have become legendary and so famous that you can find videos of them from all part of the world on social media.